Superfood – Myth or Reality?

Superfood? Like a superhero with superpowers that will save our health & protect our environment? Chia seeds, quinoa, maca, avocado, goji berries… Yes, these exotic foods may have interesting nutritional characteristics, such high content of omega-3, essential amino acids or antioxidants. But does this mean that they are indispensable? Or that their consumption will make up for an unhealthy diet?

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Butter Beans Hummus without Tahini

I did this hummus without tahini for purely logistic reasons: impossible to find tahini in the small Spanish village where I was at this time. But I was still craving my hummus. So I just did the hummus the normal way, with garlic, olive oil, and lemon, and I used the secret tip of my dear friend Selva to make it creamy: blend the mixture while the beans are still warm. The result was a tasty and creamy hummus – I was not even missing the tahini. And all the family enjoyed it, so I guess it was a successful tip. Thanks Selva!

Hummus without tahini
Hummus served with carrot & cucumber sticks

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Black beans burrito

Black bean burritoOne of my fav dish! Because it’s delicious and healthy but also because it’s a fun dish to serve when you have guests. Place the black bean mixture, the mashed cassava, the guacamole, the coriander, and the green onions in separated bowls on the table so that everyone can make its own burrito to taste.
The black bean mixture is the protein source of the dish while the mashed cassava (you can also use sweet potato) replace surprisingly well the creamy cheesy component of a traditional burrito. The sides gives the final zing – enjoy!

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Trending Food & Cardiovascular Health – Review

I read this review on fad diets and their supposedly cardiovascular health benefits a few weeks ago and wanted to share here the main results of this article.

A. M. Freeman et al. “Trending Cardiovascular Nutrition Controversies.” Journal of the American College of Cardiology 69.9 (2017): 1172-1187.

Heart-harmful and heat-healthy foods

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Juicer Lentil Burgers

I came up with this recipe a couple of years ago, when I was working in a cafe in which we were serving fresh apple & carrot juice. I was shocked by the quantity of juice pulp we were throwing away and imagined the same must happen in lots of home. Such a waste of fibres, when they are so good for our gut! So I had the idea to use this pulp in combination with lentils (or even a can of beans) to make vegan burgers.

Vegan burger served with salad and carrot top dip
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Colourful Salads

Vegan saladsI am a big fan of salads. As a main dish or as a side. All kinds. Colourful. And I insist on the colour, it’a an important factor in the choice of ingredients. Because it’s visually more appealing and because it will help you to get a wider variety of nutrients – the broader the colour palette, the more variety of fruits and veg you will eat.

Salads are also a great way to use leftovers. I had the chance to have this “Pick and Choose” salad recipe published in The Gift of Waste, an anti-food waste recipe book produced by the charity Hubbub for the North London Waste Authority (2015). Continue reading “Colourful Salads”

Why we should increase our consumption of pulses

PulsesI love pulses! Pulses (subgroup of the legume family) refer to the edible dried seeds and include dry bean, pea, lentil, chickpea, faba beans, etc. Legumes used for oil extraction (soybean), harvested green (green pea) or used solely for sowing purposes (clover) are not considered as pulses.  Continue reading “Why we should increase our consumption of pulses”