Nut Roast & Onion Gravy Recipes

Being the only plant-based in an omni family can solve the typical Christmas overeating issues. I mean, since quitting meat, I have not been feeling stuffed after a Christmas dinner. Which is good. But also a bit sad. In the last years, I have found myself eating lettuce while the other ones where enjoying their foie gras, seafood, and turkey. A french cliche in all its glory! So here we go, this year I’ll be making a nut roast with roasted veg and onion gravy! As I really want my nut roast to be delicious for my omni family to enjoy it too (all right, also to impress them a bit…) , I have been doing a few trials in the last weeks. I can now share with you my ‘easy and versatile’ recipe, as well as some Dos and Don’ts so that you don’t do the same mistake I did.

Easy nut roast recipe

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