About Me

Food is everything. Food is about pleasure and conviviality but it’s also about health, environment, and social justice.

After a PhD in Physics and four years as a research scientist in nano/biotechnologies, I made the best decision of my life: to leave my respectable career in academic research to dedicate my energy and skills towards my passion, food. Since then, I studied for a Master in Nutrition and Public Health and worked in collaboration with different local organisations (London), raising awareness about healthy diet and sustainable food system.

With this blog, I want to bring my humble contribution to promote healthy and sustainable diet. I post about nutrition, plant-based diet, food waste, and other food-related topics. A balance between scientific and practical information to make healthy eating simple. I do support plant-based diet, for ethical and environmental reasons, but I also understand that for some of us, quitting meat is a big step. I try to encourage people to eat less meat, peu à peu, without blaming or making people feel guilty. To me, it is as important to encourage people to rely less on ready-meal and to cook more from scratch, with seasonal and local products.

Even though this is not the main goal of this blog (I’m far from being a chef, let alone a food photographer!), I also share here some of my favourite recipes. My cooking is greatly influenced by the Mediterranean diet of my native France and adoptive Spain, with added spices and tastes from travels in Asia. To me, cooking has also to be creative and adaptive – to the season, to the place you live, and to what you have in your fridge. If you don’t have all the ingredients of a recipe, look for a substitute from the same group of ingredients; same with the spices, play with what you have (and like!).


Daphné Duval, August 2017


Disclosure to readers:
This is a personal blog, all opinions here are entirely my own. I may write about some of my projects in collaboration with charities, public organisations, or social enterprises (nutrition education workshops, cooking course, literature review, …) but always on my own initiative. I also work for companies in the healthy food business but I do not write about this aspect of my work – for confidential reasons but above all for independency and no publicity policy.