Butter Beans Hummus without Tahini

I did this hummus without tahini for purely logistic reasons: impossible to find tahini in the small Spanish village where I was at this time. But I was still craving my hummus. So I just did the hummus the normal way, with garlic, olive oil, and lemon, and I used the secret tip of my dear friend Selva to make it creamy: blend the mixture while the beans are still warm. The result was a tasty and creamy hummus – I was not even missing the tahini. And all the family enjoyed it, so I guess it was a successful tip. Thanks Selva!

Hummus without tahini
Hummus served with carrot & cucumber sticks

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Colourful Salads

Vegan saladsI am a big fan of salads. As a main dish or as a side. All kinds. Colourful. And I insist on the colour, it’a an important factor in the choice of ingredients. Because it’s visually more appealing and because it will help you to get a wider variety of nutrients – the broader the colour palette, the more variety of fruits and veg you will eat.

Salads are also a great way to use leftovers. I had the chance to have this “Pick and Choose” salad recipe published in The Gift of Waste, an anti-food waste recipe book produced by the charity Hubbub for the North London Waste Authority (2015). Continue reading “Colourful Salads”

Salad Dressings – Tips and Recipes

Dressings are as important as the content of your salad. And not all dressings go with any salad, that’s would be too easy! In my opinion, richer salads made of many different ingredients, including savoury and sweet notes, ask for simple salad dressing – a dash of extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice is just perfect. On the other hand, mustard or tahini dressing go well with lighter salads that do not already include too many different flavours.
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Guacamole, the famous and classical avocado side dish, can be served as a dip or as a condiment in dishes such as burritos or burgers.

But please, don’t over consume avocado: even though I am a huge fan of avocado, I have it once – max twice – a month as the avocado boom is having disastrous consequences in Mexico, such as deforestation and environmental degradation due to an important use of chemicals. Without mentioning the fact that part of its production is controlled by drug cartels who give a hard time to the farmers. This being said, enjoy your guacamole (it’s a treat)!

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