Butter Beans Hummus without Tahini

I did this hummus without tahini for purely logistic reasons: impossible to find tahini in the small Spanish village where I was at this time. But I was still craving my hummus. So I just did the hummus the normal way, with garlic, olive oil, and lemon, and I used the secret tip of my dear friend Selva to make it creamy: blend the mixture while the beans are still warm. The result was a tasty and creamy hummus – I was not even missing the tahini. And all the family enjoyed it, so I guess it was a successful tip. Thanks Selva!

Hummus without tahini
Hummus served with carrot & cucumber sticks

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Juicer Lentil Burgers

I came up with this recipe a couple of years ago, when I was working in a cafe in which we were serving fresh apple & carrot juice. I was shocked by the quantity of juice pulp we were throwing away and imagined the same must happen in lots of home. Such a waste of fibres, when they are so good for our gut! So I had the idea to use this pulp in combination with lentils (or even a can of beans) to make vegan burgers.

Vegan burger served with salad and carrot top dip
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Gluten-free vegan lasagna

I started cooking gluten-free a few years ago, back in Barcelona, where one of my good friends has celiac disease. In this gluten-free vegan lasagna recipe, the leaves of the cabbage replace the pasta sheet. The filling is composed of vegetables, rice and mung beans to make it a complete meal.

gluten-free vegan lasagna

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