Superfood – Myth or Reality?

Superfood? Like a superhero with superpowers that will save our health & protect our environment? Chia seeds, quinoa, maca, avocado, goji berries…Β Yes, these exotic foods may have interesting nutritional characteristics, such high content of omega-3, essential amino acids or antioxidants. But does this mean that they are indispensable? Or that their consumption will make up for an unhealthy diet?

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Why we should increase our consumption of pulses

PulsesI love pulses! Pulses (subgroup of the legume family) refer to the edible dried seeds and include dry bean, pea, lentil, chickpea, faba beans, etc. Legumes used for oil extraction (soybean), harvested green (green pea) or used solely for sowing purposes (clover) are not considered as pulses.Β  Continue reading “Why we should increase our consumption of pulses”


Guacamole, the famous and classical avocado side dish, can be served as a dip or as a condiment in dishes such as burritos or burgers.

But please, don’t over consume avocado: even though I am a huge fan of avocado, I have it once – max twice – a month as the avocado boom is having disastrous consequences in Mexico, such as deforestation and environmental degradation due to an important use of chemicals. Without mentioning the fact that part of its production is controlled by drug cartels who give a hard time to the farmers. This being said, enjoy your guacamole (it’s a treat)!

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